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AFSCME’s Saunders: President Joe Biden is right – America is in the middle of a comeback story

WASHINGTON – AFSCME President Lee Saunders released the following statement in response to the State of the Union and this morning’s March jobs report:

“President Biden nailed it last night – America is in the middle of a comeback. Biden has created a record 15 million new jobs. More people have health insurance than ever before. Public sector jobs are finally returning, and union workers are building power every day. This is what it looks like to have a president who is committed to helping working people and unrigging our economy, which for too long has only served the wealthy and well-connected.


“In his speech, President Biden laid out a unifying vision for our nation’s future – one where everyone can succeed, regardless of who they are or where they come from. And he laid out his plan to achieve this vision by protecting Social Security and Medicare, continuing to rein in inflation, investing in child care and building an economy that lifts up working and middle-class families.


“We have a lot more work to do. But President Biden has proven that he is up to the task, working across the aisle to achieve what’s best for everyone. AFSCME members will spend the next eight months organizing and mobilizing to ensure he and Vice President Kamala Harris are re-elected and can finish the job.”   

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